13 Ways to Deter Burglars

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13 Ways to Deter Burglars

What will be the greatest threat after the next disaster? Thirst? Hunger? Medical emergencies? Hopefully, you’ve prepared for these possibilities by learning to store and purify water, learning to store and cook food, and building a good first aid kit.

Once you have those things covered, the next biggest threat you’ll have to worry about is burglars. Why? Because after a major disaster, most people won’t have bothered with the first three things I mentioned.

They’ll be thirsty, hungry, and desperate for emergency supplies. And even if there is enough water and food to go around, there will still be criminals who try to take advantage of the lack of law enforcement.

In the 1990’s Argentina was a relatively safe and prosperous country. Then in 2001 it experienced hyperinflation and a total economic collapse. Take a look at how much crime in Argentina increased from 1995 to 2001.

  • Larceny increased 28.96%.
  • Rape increased 164.58%.
  • Grand theft auto increased 248.79%.
  • Robbery increased 4158.99%
  • Aggravated assault increased 5596.94%.
  • Burglary increased a whopping 512100%.

You read that right. In a disaster, you’re going to need a good weapon to defend your home from dangerous people. However, you’ll be far better off if burglars skip your house. So how do you make them do that? Here are 13 ways.

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1. Get a Dog

It doesn’t have to be a very big dog; it just needs to have a loud, intimidating bark. A beware-of-dog sign won’t hurt. If you do get a dog, don’t forget to stock up on pet supplies.

2. Remove Large Plants and Bushes

If you have any large plants, bushes, or small trees right next to your house, all they are is good hiding places for burglars. Cut them all down and consider replacing them with thorny plants that act as a deterrent.

3. Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch

And also put up neighborhood watch signs. The feeling that someone might be keeping an eye on them makes burglars hesitant. Regular meetings and updates can create a tight-knit community that looks out for each other.

4. Put Up Home Security Signs and Stickers

If you can afford it, a home security system is a really good investment. But if you can’t, it’s still worth putting up signs and stickers. No burglar wants to open a window only to have a loud alarm draw attention to them. It’s all about creating uncertainty in their minds.

5. Buy Some Battery Powered Alarms

These things really don’t cost that much, they run on batteries, and they produce a very loud alarm when someone opens a door or window. They can be easily placed and relocated as needed, ensuring optimal coverage.

6. Buy Some Security Cameras

You can get some fake cameras if you want, but keep in mind that experienced burglars can usually tell the difference between real ones and fake ones. Your average looter, however, won’t be able to tell the difference. Put them near all entry points.

7. Buy Some Motion Sensor Lights

These sensor lights run on solar power, but you can also get lights that run on batteries, and those are much more reliable. The sudden illumination can startle and deter would-be burglars.

8. Reinforce Your Doors

Most doors are actually pretty easy to kick in, but if you reinforce your door and make it damn near impossible to kick them in, most people will quickly give up and move on to the next house.

9. Install Bars On The Windows

I know, they’re ugly, but safety is far more important. No one is going to get through rebar. Just make sure you still have a few ways to get out of the house in case of a fire.

10. Build a Perimeter Fence

Ideally it should be seven feet high, have spikes on top, and go all the way around your property. But even a short fence is better than nothing.

11. Make Then Think You’re Home and Awake

Create the illusion of an occupied home. Timers that turn lights or radios on and off at varied intervals can make it appear as though someone is home, making would-be burglars skip your house.

12. Use Window Film or Security Film

Applying a clear security film to your windows can make them much harder to break. While it doesn’t prevent the glass from breaking, it holds the shattered pieces together, making it much harder to get through, which can discourage burglars.

13. Use Pressure Mat Alarms

Pressure mat alarms are triggered when someone approaches your home. They can be set up to sound an alarm inside your home, alerting you of an intruder’s presence. The sudden noise can catch burglars off guard, making them reconsider their target.

Burglars are like cockroaches; they prefer to work in darkness and silence. If you do even a few of the things on this list, most burglars will decide your house is more trouble than it’s worth and move on.

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